Introspection: A Self-Assessment

I forced myself to do some introspection- a self-assessment, if you will.  I asked a few friends to describe me in 5 adjectives, and

These were the most common:

  1. dependable
  2. loyal
  3. friendly
  4. kind
  5. intellectual
  6. warm
  7. kind
  8. thoughtful
  9. considerate

And according to one friend, I do not value myself as highly as I should. My mother told me that she didn’t think I realized the value of my God-given gifts- my ability to write and my intellect.  This is true.

More often than not, I feel that I value myself too highly.  OR I value myself in the wrongs ways- ways divorced from my identity rooted in Christ.

Just a short summary of what’s going through my mind.

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