Sunday Sundries: Turning Inward

Sitting next to my best friend in the train station my thoughts turned inwardly.  The silence between us was like a Berlin Wall of sorts- she and her iPod, me and my thoughts.  Introspection never has been my strong suit, and I doubt it ever will be.  As much time I spend alone, I am never really alone in my thoughts.  I talk with people online, video chats, skype… but I’m never just alone.

So my thoughts turned inwardly, and it was like looking into the abyss that stares back.  Looking at my heart’s true intents hurts because it reveals just how flawed I am.  I saw how selfish and prideful I am.  I caught myself judging the person I considered my best friend.

I guess I’ll just be looking inwardly tonight.  Am very tired.  ‘Night

1 Comment

  1. being alone with yourself is SO scary! But if you do it enough, you get used to yourself. Once you conquer the person inside, it’s all easy.

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