Update from the Author:

Hi All!

How am I?  I’m great!  Tonight my sorority, Alpha Delta Chi,  welcomed a new pledge class into our Active membership.  I love that part so much!  10 wonderful girls (including my little sis, haha.  I am biased).

Other than that I finally made headway on that Comparative Literature essay.  I was struggling with shifting my style and analytical mode toward a more “close reading” sort of thing.  It took me 3 weeks to write 5 pages, seriously!  I still have no clue what “close reading” is, and I still prefer Chicago Style citations over MLA formatting.  I know… I’m being stubborn.  My paper would get an A in an intellectual history seminar, yet it is not enough for a lower-division Comparative Literature class?  Yeah, my pride gets in the way of being fully pliant… mmmmm.

What else?  THANKSGIVNG!  I leave Wednesday night.  I’ll also begin the process of moving out of the sorority house (I know, *sad*).  It’s time to move on… I’ll have a college degree and hopefully a job.  Hmmmm.

Random: I am in love with my hair.  It is so fricking versatile.  Currently, it is about shoulder-length (the the longest I’ve allowed it to grow in about 3 years).  Today it decided to behave and it’s big, poofy and tall.

Oooh, and my baby (2nd) cousin (5 months premature) is ready to come home!  I’m so happy for my cousin!  After 3 months in the ICU, she’s finally gained enough weight to come home.  :D

Mmm… and I’ve been praying and reading the Word more regularly.

Good news, huh?


  1. Oh, close reading… You bring back memories. Pick a crucial passage from the text, and read it carefully. Annotate as you go along, circling, underlining, drawing connections, noticing how the author’s specific word choice and syntax affects not only that passage, but the work as a whole. Then, write about what you found!

    1. I failed then. My paper turned into a theoretical/analytical breakdown of Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times and Karl Marx’s Das Kapital.

      Hardly close-reading, considering I used the entire texts.

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