Enough [“Western”] Middle Class Feminism


«Yet the groups featured in “Activists” – Object and the London Feminist Network – treat violence against women largely in isolation. They have lots to say about the media objectification of women but, bizarrely, little to say about consumerism or capitalism.

The favourite topics of these organisations seem to be lap-dance clubs, pornography, lads’ magazines and the sex industry in general. This is part of a growing trend in middle-class feminism»

I’m on a roll today.

You cannot remedy a disease if you only scrutinize one symptom. Pornography, strip clubs, etc are not the extent of sexualized violence against women.  In parts of the world, rape is a REALITY, and here these “middle class feminists” exist in their euro-centric, “Western” bubbles complaining about street harassment and sexual harassment on the job.

«The contemporary feminist focus on male violence against women is bad for feminism because it positions women primarily as victims, while giving power to male police and politicians to “protect” us from “bad men”. It returns us to the tired old model of two opposing genders: man=masculine=aggressive v woman=feminine=passive. It offers no analysis of, and therefore no effective political opposition to, the ways violence against women relates to other forms of violence that women (and men) experience. »

^ THIS is why I think every proto-feminist/ Afro-femininst/ anarcho-feminist/ womanist/etc should read this.  We MUST be aware of the ways in which our capitalist patriarchal society has shaped the image of a women in a way that is intended to be packaged, commodified, consumed and objectified.  NOTHING is to be examined “in isolation.”  Analysis “in isolation” is insufficient.  EVERYTHING is contingent and relational.

Intersectionality is key.  The link between disability and susceptibility to violence is hard to miss.  Women with disabilities are two times more likely to be raped in their lifetime.  Factor in class and race.  Violence- sexual or otherwise- is typically intra-racial.

But NOO, you’d only know about violence against white sex workers if these “middle class feminists” had their way.


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