Environmental Stewardship vs. Environmentalism

First, read this article on Resurgence.com [via tchomp]

Then, read my response:

I identify most closely with Environmental Stewardship.

I strongly hold to the belief that the environment cannot be divorced from the plight of peoples across the planet.  Land and water rights are central to the autonomy and survival of billions, yet multinational corporations infringe upon these rights to drive down the prices of their consumer goods [see also: neo-liberalism]. When millions are divorced from their ancestral lands, unable to grow the crops that sustained them for generations b/c their land and water has been stolen from them, it’s a human rights issue.

These human beings are God’s beloved creations.  Why shouldn’t we care about the things that affect them?  Our apathy is utter depravity.  When we are so self-centered that we do not care about the lives of God’s creation, we cannot say that God is our Father and His love is in us.


  1. “I strongly hold to the belief that the environment cannot be divorced from the plight of peoples across the planet.”

    Could not agree with you more there. I notice that many of my classes are indoctrinating students in a certain school of thought concerning ecology and conservation biology. Only once have I really seen the effect the US has on species extinction rates and the environment really addressed. Most other times we talk about how other countries affect marine species and the like. Most often those other countries are non-white. It makes me worry that we’re trying to say that those countries don’t deserve the resources they have and that we must protect the environment from “them.” That’s something I definitely want to prevent the further along I go. I mean, these nations have been around the block; they understand their ecosystems better than we can, so who are we to tell them what they’re doing wrong? Do we always have to be at the center of every single issue?

  2. <>

    Oh my goodness, I had the exact same feeling when I heard about China’s carbon-footprint. SOO Infuriating!

    “we,” the US are NOT the center. The center is shifting to placesclike Russia, China, Brazil and India, and we should recognixe that now. America’s era of primacy is OVER.

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