Poem: The Right and Wrong of Desire

Is desire wrong or are the manifestations of desire?
Or perhaps the heart behind that desire is tainted
with the misplaced hopes of the imperfect?

Nontheless, I spurn desire daily
tearing my eyes from what is clearly
my object of desire
Because I fear the motives of my heart

perhaps I look into his eyes because I want to be known
and I look away because I cannot give of myself
he can give me his dreams and his past
and I can only divulge my unspoken fears with words of contempt

He offers and I refuse
I catch his wandering glance
and cast an eye at another
all the while, he smiles politely

All because I refuse to allow desire to capture my eye
Possibility, yes, practicality, yes
But desire, no

Perhaps what I fear most is to be known
I don’t trust that this is the one whose gentle hands
could peruse the pages of my life
without tearing the pages or smudging a word

20 September 2008 – The Right and Wrong of Desire

[Originally posted here]

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