Thoughts: On Anger, Entitlement & Privilege

In the last week, I faced 2 great disappointments.  One was in my interpersonal life, the other was in respect to my situation as an unemployed college graduate.

The interpersonal thing? Well, Every friendship that fails somehow reflects on me.  It goes both ways.

As for job search, I had 3 interviews in a week and none panned out.  This is after 3 months of not hearing back from employers.  I walked out of one interview knowing that it was not a good fit for me.  When I called the office of another position, only to be informed that they chose someone else, I was disappointed.  Actually, I was more than disappointed.  I was indignant, angry and worried.

I am a 21 year old college graduate living in my parents’ home.  I am part of the boomerang generation.  I have hopes, dreams, ambitions, skills, education, and yet I’m living at home.

Now, I could be angry about this, but what gain is there?  Very rarely is anger righteous and unselfish.  Me being angry about my circumstances when there are millions in the same or worse situation does not change a thing.  I can vent or break things, but I am still acting very selfishly.  I can lash out and passive aggressively make biting remarks at my sisters, but I only hurt them.  The truth is that my anger comes from a place of privilege and entitlement. ”Work hard and you will be rewarded…”  This American society is only meritocratic on the surface.

I need perspective.

Meanwhile, > 10% of the world population lives on less than $1USD/day, and 80% of humanity lives on less than $10/day.  Nearly a billion people living today are illiterate.

1.1 billion people in developing countries have inadequate access to water, and 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation. [source]

The mere fact that I have:

  • housing
  • access to fresh water
  • food
  • plumbing
  • am literate
  • am college educated
  • am computer literate, w/ ready access to a laptop
  • access to private health care

All of these mea that I am incredibly privileged in a world of great inequality.  Yeah… perspective.


  1. You’ll find a job, friend. It’s just the economy. I had to apply to over 35 positions to find a summer internship where I work full-time for 10 weeks for free, and I go to a top 14 law school. My search began last August, and I didn’t get hired until this month. Oh, and I’ll be living with my parents this summer. Everyone in our generation is going through this.

    P.S. – I like your blog redesign. (I usually read in Google Reader, so I’ve only just noticed.)

    1. thanks- I think I’ll keep this template… it’s clean & easy on the eyes.

      I was pretty frustrated when I wrote this, I’ll admit. 35? for a summer internship? Competition must have been stiff! Congrats, btw :)

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