To All New Readers:

Hello and Welcome to my little space on the internet!

I blog primarily about

  • Christianity- I am a reformed [Calvinist] Christian and I reserve the right to critique the church in America- which has gone terribly awry with its heresies.  Also, my faith informs my actions and beliefs.
  • human rights– abuses, violations and solutions.
  • environmental stewardship– because the delicate balance of inter-connected ecosystems has a direct impact on the lives of human beings- especially those in “under-developed”, impoverished, colonized areas of the world.
  • social justice– what can WE do about the social (in)justices we see? First, we can raise awareness by raising our voices- in all media.
  • ableism – I am hearing-impaired, and this has shaped my worldview in ways that cannot be discounted.
  • intersectionality– gender/race/class/ability/etc. Get with it.  Know it, love it, embrace it.  I will  not be hosting an Intersectionality 101 course.
  • global-political economies: the IMF, World Bank, WTO, neo-colonialism, neo-liberalism, all of that
  • global issues– these will be the intersection of all of the above points.  I am not “theoretical” about these real-life issues that affect BILLIONS of lives.

I will not blog about:

  • My day
  • My personal life- dating, etc. None of that
  • feminism- I am NOT a feminist. I am a womanist.
  • celebrities
  • the latest outrage

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