Sunday Sundries: A Poem

Nodding my head to the beat

I lift my voice and sing aloud

it is a song of praise and pain

this life has beaten upon me

I’ve been put upon, blamed

I’ve fallen, fought, and lost

When all is lost, what’s left is song and lyric

I’ve loved and lost, given too much

I’ve been the beloved, oblivious

I have stood at the mountain top

with what I most wanted, letting it fly away

Your will is greater than my desire

Mere loss is gain in Your sight

And I lift my voice and sing

my voice gyrates, around and around

like the smoke of a burnt offering

Sweet to Your sight and smell

I offer You what I was created for

Lord, I want to praise You

with the works of my hands

and the words of my mouth

even unto the thoughts of my mind

I seek to please You, and give You my all

my burdens, my joys, my will

I lift my prayers and cares to You

I surrender all- I’ll be honored if You accept

Praise the Lord; may all that has breath sing Your praises!

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