Thoughts From a Novice Globe-Trotter

My travels began in November 2011, when I abruptly left my parents’ home. Just months before, I was like a flightless bird whose feet never left the ground, but against my intellect, I took the plunge and acquired my passport. It cost me $150, which seemed a huge sum at the time, as I was underemployed and uncertain about my future.

Well, the first place I traveled to was Alabama. I didn’t need a passport for that. All of my possessions fit in 2 suitcases & a duffel bag.

Then, there was the Bahamas, specifically the island Nassau. I needed a passport then. The boat was beautiful, and the island more so. It was a nice getaway from the stress at my not-quite-home. I remember glowing, being in love, playing mini-golf terribly and climbing colonial prison-fortresses.

Then, less than 3 weeks later, I moved to the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, as the non-profit was expanding to serve the estimated 16,000 (based in 2009 HUD estimates) homeless people there.

A few weeks later, I received acceptance and rejection letters from graduate schools. The school I eventually chose (University of Chicago) hosted its Campus Days in March.

“The Bean”

Then, in April, I was invited to Bertelsmann Foundation’s 4th Annual Conference in Washington, DC. The conference is excellent.

View from a Newseum Balcony (Pennsylvania Ave)

Along comes May, and I’ve received an invitation from Open Society to attend the inaugural Open Forum and Youth Summit in Cape Town, South Africa as a Youth Delegate. I had been consistently trying to set foot on the continent of Africa since freshman year of college, but I could never afford it, nor had I ever been given the opportunity to do so. Naturally, I am ecstatic, and my excitement only grows during the 24 hours of travel from Atlanta to Amsterdam to Cape Town. It finally felt real.

Cape Town – View from V + A Harbor
Vuvuzelas in a Cape Town shop

What’s next? Well, I move to Chicago in two weeks. And 3 weeks afterward, I will be traveling to the West African nation, Equatorial Guinea for the Sullivan Foundation’s Summit, where I will be a Delegate.

I guess I’ll be back to this again.

I cannot express how excited I am about my future work and travels. This is just the beginning.

-Arrianna Marie

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  1. It’s really great to hear what you’ve been up to. I’ve been following your blog for a while now. I’m excited for you!

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