A Realization + Gratitude

So, I started working on my MA Thesis mid-August. I think I wrote 1400 words the first day.  What enabled me to accomplish that was my habit of compiling annotated bibliographies on various topics. Since then, I’ve been steadily taking reading notes and writing in spurts (I’ve yet to cultivate the discipline of writing an hour daily).

I didn’t think much of it then, but now I am very grateful for cultivating the habit of taking detailed notes and maintaining annotated bibliographies on different subjects, including:

  • biopolitics
  • sovereignty
  • nationalism
  • nationality (gender discrimination, gendered citizenship)
  • statelessness
  • land tenure
  • borders in post/colonial states

I just compiled the annotated bibliographies for my MA Thesis, and they total 50 typed pages- longer than my current Thesis draft. Going through these notes, I can track the evolution of my thinking, and see how I came to the arguments and conclusions I make today.

That’s all.



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