Now Watching: Global Political Economies Documentary-Style

Knowing the Enemy – DRC [About internally displaced peoples in the Democratic Republic of Congo being persecuted by the Interahamwe]

Sex in the City – Ukraine [About sex trafficking, child pornography and child prostitution in the Ukraine, esp, Odessa and Kiev]

Children for Sale Brazil [about sex trafficking, sex tourism, human trafficking in Brazil, where 62% of the population lives below the poverty line]

Children of War – Sierra Leone [about the former RUF child soldiers of the 8-year civil war (1991-1999)]

If you have a heart for the poor, disenfranchised, widowed and orphaned, by all means, check these out.  It really helps to give a big picture view of the world beyond our little rooms, with desks, computers, iPods and other consumer goods [luxuries, really].

Knowledge is power.  Ignorance is complicity.  There is no excuse for you to be ignorant of the plights of your fellow human beings- especially when their plight is tied to yours.

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