Update: Why I Haven’t Been Writing Lately

Hello All!

I’m still here.  I haven’t been inspired to write anything longer than 140 characters since my last blog entry because I’ve been tired and frustrated.  It’s a combination of stress and diverted focuses (foci?) that prevents me from devoting more attention to my blogs.

I just hit 9 months of unemployment, despite applying for as many jobs as I can, personalizing my resumes and cover letters for employers who never pick up when I call.  More and more employers state “we are accepting applications” when before they said “we are hiring.”  And more of them specifically state that they don’t want applicants to call or email them inquiring about the status of their applications.  On top of that, I am getting pressure from my parents who ask why I don’t follow-up more on applications despite the aforementioned.

I’m also working on graduate school applications.  I finally got my GRE scores back and was very pleased.  Since then, I’ve been recruited by International Affairs programs like Columbia U’s SIPA, George Washington U’s Elliott School of Foreign Affairs and Tuft’s Fletcher School.  All are very highly-ranked programs with competitive admissions processes.  Also, all were on my list of prospective schools.  I take this to be a good sign.  I wake up to an email from one of my dream schools, and it inspires me to finish these applications.

I also improvised a “wall of ideas” outlining my visions and ideas for positive, progress in regards to uman rights activism and policy:

There are 5 categories

  1. Human Trafficking
  2. Peace and Conflict Resolution
  3. Environmental Justice
  4. Indigenous Rights
  5. Women’s Rights

I have several multi-lateral initiatives that encompass both policy + grassroots activism.  If you’ve read any of my entries on the Post-Colonialism tag, you know well that I emphasize the agency of presently and formerly oppressed peoples.

I have vision, but I’m not sure how to get into a place where I can work to synthesize theory with action and make something happen.

To be honest, part of me wants to give up, to stop fighting.  But I can’t.  I guess I’m dealing w/ constraints. I’m told over and over that I need to be realistic and shrink my dreams to fit. My dreams are too big. My wall of ideas is unrealistic and unattainable. Yet some tenacious part of me clings to faith. It is possible to make a better world.  It is possible to live well while helping the marginalized and impoverished and oppressed.

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